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Originally posted by Viral
I partially agree.. but you cannot deny that higher resolution makes a game look alot more detailed. It's just a simple matter of the the amount of pixels something is made up of. Of course on TV not much can be done(cept with HDTV, but i think they will be pushing it running H2 fine on xbox as is).

On a(my) monitor resolution matters alot.. i would rather play a game with 1280x960 with no aa than 800x600 with 4xAA, the jaggies aren't the only problem.. more resolution means more detail in any language. And personally(as i said on my monitor) i try to avoid anything below 1152x864.. maybe its just because it's my desktop resolution, but i really notice a scanline effect in any res below this.

Anyway.. a distant object is made up of say, 50pixels at a distance, at twice the res, it's made up of 100pixels, this is where higher res really starts meaning more than just reduced jaggies. It's all about detail.. i'm sure you know this.. but anyway.
So true

All console games looks like **** and this do to...When i first saw Halo in a store for the Xbox I started laugthing out loud the ****ing game looks no better the a 5 year old Pc game so ugly ****ty textures and 2 polygons heheh...

Halo 2 looks even worse mayby would impressed my 10 years ago but now hehe who are they kidding...But the MORONS who will game it heh must be really retarded ****s!!!
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