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What's your kernel version? If it's 2.4.20-8 like mine (at a terminal, type uname -r, and you'll know your kernel version), then the driver you downloaded is not compatible with your kernel.

You have to download the source rpm labeled as NVIDIA_nforce-1.0-0261.src.rpm, and compile it. The command is rpmbuild --rebuild (filename above). Then install the compiled rpm with the rpm -ivh command.

After compilation, check out the last lines as it will show where the compiler placed the compiled driver for your kernel. Then install this instead.

Do this in a terminal window, type su -, then type your root password, then compile the source rpm. Download or read the HTML help file for better clarification.

Check out your /etc/modules.conf and see if alias eth0 nvnet is included in this configuration. I use gedit to view the config file.

Read carefully the HTML,

Is your lan card enabled in the BIOS?

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