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Originally posted by GlowStick
Your theory could alsmot work accept for the big setback, your assumeing game complexity never changes and graphcis never change.

And with the console that is ture, games never get more complex or better looking, the Xbox is locked in the year 1999. But As software evolves and as they push for more graphics and better ai, better physics and voice recogintion and some feature that we dont know we want yet (like physicis, tha is in EVERY new game). Consoles are locked in how many features they can add for around 5 years, but the PC they just keep adding them on as fast as they can invent them.
You misunderstand me. What I'm saying is, there will be a point when you can't create better physics, you already have real-life physics, you can't create better graphics, you already have real-life graphics, etc.

What will a faster PC have over a $100 console then? Nothing really. From a developers stand point the PC will be virtually dead.
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