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Originally posted by Ninja Prime
You misunderstand me. What I'm saying is, there will be a point when you can't create better physics, you already have real-life physics, you can't create better graphics, you already have real-life graphics, etc.

What will a faster PC have over a $100 console then? Nothing really. From a developers stand point the PC will be virtually dead.

Well, thankfully, fully-simulated real-life physics are quite a ways off. But once you max out the physics, and the graphics can't be improved upon, the cutting edge tech will move towards something else. I think, however, that 2D presentation will stick around, like there are things you can do in 2D that don't work as well in 3D, there are undoubtedly things in a 2D presentation (i.e. a monitor) that 3D presentation won't be able to do as well (i.e. the holodeck).

But once you have maxed out the tech, that doesn't mean your creativity for game creation is gone, and neither will people suddenly up and decide that video games are boring. People will still want to play video games. Graphics just won't be major wow factor anymore

I mean, games are still games, and people will want to play games. Graphics just won't be a major reason to play one game over another - it'll be down to gameplay, and it'll be interesting to see what new things we start seeing once people have stopped obsessing over how beautiful a game is and start looking at the gameplay more.

Or maybe our civilization will be destroyed by banana-shaped aliens from Centauri and we won't have to worry about it.
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