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Originally posted by Ninja Prime
You misunderstand me. What I'm saying is, there will be a point when you can't create better physics, you already have real-life physics, you can't create better graphics, you already have real-life graphics, etc.

What will a faster PC have over a $100 console then? Nothing really. From a developers stand point the PC will be virtually dead.
Yes, but what i am trying to say is that point can never be reached.

Why are we not all useing DOS? it was surely good enough plenty fast you could do everything from it!

Then came windows 3.1 ...... wow, its so much better, you can have multiple apps run, whoa we will never need anything better than that, and 8mb of ram is wayyyyy to much.

Windows 95 higher resolution, more color depth

Windows 98 "
winders 2000 " " multiple monitors 2 +
winders XP " " higher resoltuion icons so on so on etc 'interactive background' 'voice recoginiton'

Mainly what im saying is even if we look away and say its possible to make a perfect physics engine, people will not be satisfied with the amount of features we have today.

Most 3d games of today have
3d Graphics
Pritty good Models

Next Gen 3d games seem to have
all of the above
Physics Engines on *SOME* objects

Next Next Gen 3d games will have
all of the above
Unified lighting
Physics applied to *more* stuff
*something that hasent been invented yet

if i could tell ya what it is, id be rich
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