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You misunderstand me. What I'm saying is, there will be a point when you can't create better physics, you already have real-life physics, you can't create better graphics, you already have real-life graphics, etc
Actually, it's YOU thats misunderstanding everything.

We are years, and years, and years, away from real-life graphics, and to some extent, physics.
There are far too many variables to factor in, before you even come close to real-life. Even a brick wall, would be impossible to render perfectly. Every brick is different, and the closer you get, the more detail you see.

And by the time they eventually get just close to real-life, there will be something completely different to play games on. So it's all a mute point..

What will a faster PC have over a $100 console then? Nothing really. From a developers stand point the PC will be virtually dead.
When was the last time you saw a $100 console ?
And the PC has speed,
NO development License costs,
Far easier to develop for, no need to spend 3 years learning how the thing works,
Almost No limitations. If you hit a limit on a fixed platform, you're stuck with that limit.
No region locks, I can play a PC game from any region, with only language permitting.
And finally, Cost of software. Something the console fanboys quite easily forget.
PC games will always be cheaper than consoles, especially is you add up a couple of years worth.
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