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[rant]Well, from what i've seen of the rumored specs on the next-gen consoles, PC's will never go out of style.
Configuring you game to your standards (Faster, console like, or Sloww, 1600x1200, pretty) is one of many things PC games have which no console ever will, considering the forced standards on a console.
However, a lot more PC/Console inbreeding is happening: Star Wars: KOTOR from Xbox-PC, Halo PC-Xbox-PC, etc. A lot of games are now becoming console like on the PC, and everyone forgets about the different configurations of a PC, and never codes for the higher end computers.
PC games are just becoming more unified, as graphics chips slow down development. However, who can't miss the old last great CRPG on PC was Wizadry 8..[/rant]
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