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Default X performance really choppy

okay, i'm running debian testing, kernel 2.6.0 and have recently installed a new xfx 5600. the newest drivers install just fine and X starts up (a little slow). however once x starts, it runs smoothly for about 6 seconds and then the cpu spikes up to 100%. this also happens whenever a window is dragged or even when the mouse is moved quickly. it makes it almost completely unusable. the cpu goes to 100% for about 5-10 seconds and them back to normal before spiking up again. i never had any problems like this with my old ati pci card.
right now i'm experiencing the problem while trying to run twin view though it exists in a single monitor setup as well.
please advise, i have no idea where to go from here
i've tried changing the NvAGP settings, set "IgnoreDisplayDevices" and other suggestions but to no avail.

athlon 1700+
xfx geforcefx 5600
512 mb ram
epox 8rda+ nforce2 mobo
debian testing, kernel 2.6.0
xfree86 version 4.3.0
my config file is attached
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