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Default using external projector

Used new installer (1.0-5336) on Dell Latitude C840 running dual boot Debian and Sun JDS (Suse 8.1+ based). Installer *great*, 3D acc works fine (tested with GLPlanet), and 1600x1200 res also right on. What I can't get working - and it's urgent that I do - is being able to CTRL-F8 to get a display on an external monitor/projector. The closest I've come is to have the external display OK (at 1024x768) but with the panel on my laptop in some weird mode with an expanded image, so I see only part of the 1024x768 image at a time.

I've attached the XF86Config-4 file I've been trying to use for this. Any help appreciated.

I also would like to avoid having to change the config file to switch from 1600x1200 to 1024x768 if poss. On windoze when I do CTRL-F8 the smart little bugger switches resolution as well as directing output to the attached projector - be nice to have it this automagic on Linux as well.

Thanks for your help,
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