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Originally posted by Dr.FX
Pc high- rez heaven!
Huh, didn't I mention something about this in my other post? It seems many games in the next console generation will likely support HDTV modes. Even now, there's a few Xbox games that support 1080i (1920x1080 resolution), and a couple dozen that support 720p (1280x720). If the next generation of consoles do in fact support high resolution as a standard, you're going to have to change your reasoning for liking the PC so much.

BTW, you really, really have to stop coming off as a 12-year-old. Makes PC fanboys look bad.

Originally posted by D.K.Tronics
When was the last time you saw a $100 console ?
Gamecube is now $100, and I just picked up a Dreamcast the other day for $15. Now while my PC is much more powerful than my Dreamcast, there's no way in hell that Shenmue running on a $15 console could ever be topped in cost effectivness by a computer. But of course, no console starts at that price. Now when was the last time you saw a DECENT videocard come out at $100?
And the PC has speed,
Speed, yes. A computer can be as fast as you want it to be. But unfortunatly, it can also be as slow as the consumer wants, and many people still expect their 4 year old Emachine to play the latest games, for some reason. And because of that, games are held back. Didn't Valve say they were designing Half-life 2 to be playable on a 800 mhz computer with a DX6 card? How much prettier could they have made it if they designed the ENTIRE game for a high-end computer? People with old PCs are holding back graphics far more than any console, even a 4 year old one, could.

NO development License costs,
Uhh, is DirectX free to lisence? I'm pretty sure MS charges for that, and pretty much everyone has to pay that fee nowadays (except for John Carmack)
Far easier to develop for, no need to spend 3 years learning how the thing works,
Halo was "ported" to the Xbox in mere months, and still managed to be one of the best looking games of it's time. Max Payne 2 was ported to both the Xbox and the horribly inferior PS2 only 2 months after it's PC release, and many games have been developed simultaniously on both platforms with little to no added development time (Morrowind, DX:IW, even games like Beyond Good and Evil and Prince of Persia).

It depends primarilly on how easy the console is to program for, though. The Sega Saturn was a pain to program, as is the PS2, and because of that it takes longer to get "good" graphics out of them. But consoles that have been easy to program on (PS1, Gamecube, Xbox) have had compairativly good graphics from the start. Rogue Leader took only 6 months to make, and even against todays high-end PC games looks VERY compairable. Doom 3 might be much better looking than anything on a console at the time, but how long have they been working on the game?
Almost No limitations. If you hit a limit on a fixed platform, you're stuck with that limit.
No limitations, but people complain the hell out of a game if it doesn't run perfectly at the highest details on their brand shiney new Alienware computer. Remember what happened when games set their sights too high? *cough*Ultima9*cough*
And finally, Cost of software. Something the console fanboys quite easily forget.
Uhh, that's not always the case. The console versions of Beyond Good and Evil dropped to $20 weeks before the PC version (all started at the same MSRP), and often times console games can be bought for much cheaper than PC games. I just picked up GTA Double Pack and Max Payne 2 for Xbox last week for $60, yet if I bought the exact same games on PC, they would've cost me $100 altogeather. And strangely, I almost never see PC games on clearence at most gaming stores (though Gamestop does have a decent collection of $10 and under games in their value bin). But it depends on the game, they don't all follow the same rules for price (though there are certainly cases of the PC version being $10 cheaper at release).

Anyway, that's my couple dozen cents. Usually in these type of discussions I'll play devil's advocate since I usually just stick up for the underdog (had you all been saying how crappy PC gaming is, I would've stuck up for the PC). However, many people forget that some of the things advertised about the upcoming Windows Longhorn makes it more console-like. You may soon be "gaming on a console" without even realizing it.
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