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Even now, there's a few Xbox games that support 1080i (1920x1080 resolution), and a couple dozen that support 720p (1280x720). If the next generation of consoles do in fact support high resolution as a standard, you're going to have to change your reasoning for liking the PC so much.
Name ONE single game thats actually playble at that res.
And there isn't one single HDTV that comes close to a PC monitor in the same price bracket. And how many people outside of the US, actually OWN a HDTV ? I don't know anyone.

Now when was the last time you saw a DECENT videocard come out at $100?
no console starts at that price
No videocard starts at that price. See, these games are fun.

Uhh, is DirectX free to lisence? I'm pretty sure MS charges for that, and pretty much everyone has to pay that fee nowadays
Nope. And I'm pretty sure it's never been. Got a link ?

Uhh, that's not always the case. The console versions of Beyond Good and Evil dropped to $20 weeks before the PC version (all started at the same MSRP), and often times console games can be bought for much cheaper than PC games. I just picked up GTA Double Pack and Max Payne 2 for Xbox last week for $60, yet if I bought the exact same games on PC, they would've cost me $100 altogeather. And strangely, I almost never see PC games on clearence at most gaming stores (though Gamestop does have a decent collection of $10 and under games in their value bin). But it depends on the game, they don't all follow the same rules for price (though there are certainly cases of the PC version being $10 cheaper at release).
Sorry, but thats complete bull. Perhaps where you come from, maybe.
Console games make the money for MS, Nintendo, and Sony. The hardware doesn't. Over here, Consoles games average around 39. Pc games around 29. I think the maths speak for themselves.
Give a month or two, and those PC games are now 15. Half what they used to be. I rarely see that on console, unless it's second-hand.
PC games will always be cheaper, Fact.

Halo was "ported" to the Xbox in mere months, and still managed to be one of the best looking games of it's time
And was released, how many years ago ?
And the Xbox STILL doesn't have a title to match it. And you were saying about 4 year old PC's holding the PC back, well whats holding back the Xbox ?

As DX9 becomes the standard, The PC will start to see more impressive games that start to use the tech.
Half-Life 2
Far Cry
All have shown how much better PC games are now looking, than ANY console title.
And when the MOD community gets a hold of those titles, then it will really show why the PC still reigns supreme.
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