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Name ONE single game thats actually playble at that res.
Which res? If you're talking 720p, then almost all of them run fine on the Xbox, such as Tony Hawk 4 and Sphinx. If you're talking 1080i, then I think Dragon's Lair 3d runs alright, with Syberia being very acceptable as well. Enter the Matrix runs pretty crappy, though.

No videocard starts at that price. See, these games are fun.
Yeah, that was my point. Neither PC gaming hardware nor console gaming hardware starts cheap. But both are coming down in price, remember how consoles releasing for $200 was unheard of? Then again, Voodoo 1s didn't debut for anywhere near as much as the high-end graphic cards of today.

Nope. And I'm pretty sure it's never been. Got a link ?
Really? I thought I heard MS charged extra for DX SDKs. At least, I remember that when companies were talking about developing for Xbox that the "cost of DirectX lisencing was included with the Xbox SDK" or something like that. Could be wrong though, been a while since I've read anything about the cost of console lisencing.

Sorry, but thats complete bull. Perhaps where you come from, maybe.
Console games make the money for MS, Nintendo, and Sony. The hardware doesn't. Over here, Consoles games average around 39. Pc games around 29. I think the maths speak for themselves.
Give a month or two, and those PC games are now 15. Half what they used to be. I rarely see that on console, unless it's second-hand.
PC games will always be cheaper, Fact.
Huh, it's different over here then. I've seen quite a few PC games retail for $39.99 while the console versions retail for $49.99, but I've seen many cases where they cost the same (Max Payne 2, DX:IW, Morrowind, etc), and in some the console version is cheaper. Not that it really makes a big difference to me though, I almost always wait to buy games until they get cheap, and I've gotten a lot of good console games for $10 or less. Strangely I see a lot of PC games sell out before they reach the under-$10 clearence price, aside from the aformentioned Gamestop value bin.

And was released, how many years ago ?
And the Xbox STILL doesn't have a title to match it. And you were saying about 4 year old PC's holding the PC back, well whats holding back the Xbox ?
Oh, I certainly wouldn't say that nothing has matched it since then. Splinter Cell, Panzer Dragoon Orta, hell even Brute Force and Deus Ex: IW have shown graphics that in most areas are far superior to Halo. And of course, Halo 2 will put up a good match, even against Doom 3. Actually, I just remembered: Wreckless is probably one of the most amazing looking games I've ever seen. Even on PC it's hard to find a match for a game that has fully reflective cars and full pixel shading effects. And as I mentioned, Rogue Leader's graphics were amazing for it's time, and even today I think the only game that really looks better on that scale is Rogue Leader 2. I would honestly like to see a PC game that matches up to the graphics in Rogue Leader 2, which is running on a $100 console.

Now lets turn it around: what PC game released today can match the graphics that were in the Imperium Galactica 3 demo released almost 2 years ago? Certainly not Homeworld 2, and to be honest the IG3 demo still uses effects that are better than many games that were released in the last couple months. Or even Unreal 2 for that matter, which probably won't have an equal until UT2004 is released.

And nothing is holding the Xbox back from achieving more, aside from developers willing to spend more time on graphics. But one thing to note is that on consoles there's less of an industry for spending years on a game's engine, so usually every game has it's own engine, which will invariably look worse than an engine designed specificly to look pretty. Where would PC gaming be today without engines like Quake and Unreal? And similarly, what if a company was as dedicated to making pretty graphics on consoles as ID and Crytek are on PC?

As DX9 becomes the standard, The PC will start to see more impressive games that start to use the tech.
Half-Life 2
Far Cry
All have shown how much better PC games are now looking, than ANY console title.
Psst, try using games that are actually OUT for compairision

Yes, DX9 will eventually become the standard, just as DX8 did, but if you don't remember, very few games even used DX8 until 2 years after the Xbox was out, and now it looks that the Xbox 2 will release around the same time as DX10/Longhorn is. For every single console generation, there's about 2 PC generations. Obviously, that leaves PCs free to overtake consoles in graphics, but by the time it becomes standard a new console comes out that wipes the floor with all of them. I remember back in early 1999, PC gamers were bragging about how amazing games like Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 looked, and then in September the Dreamcast was released which was far more advanced than anything seen on PC, and it cost less than a good videocard for the PC cost. How long did it even take for bump-mapping to become standard in PC games? Hell, most current games STILL don't use bump-mapping, sad as it may be.

And going back to amazing looking games for a $100 console, I actually think Resident Evil 4 looks suprisingly compairable to Doom 3. I'm sure it uses more "tricks" than Doom 3, but you gotta admit that it's impressive that such a small and inexpensive console can pump out graphics compairible to a high-end PC. Maybe not equal, but certainly not out of it's league.
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