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Originally posted by Ninja Prime
You misunderstand me. What I'm saying is, there will be a point when you can't create better physics, you already have real-life physics, you can't create better graphics, you already have real-life graphics, etc.

What will a faster PC have over a $100 console then? Nothing really. From a developers stand point the PC will be virtually dead.
Uhmm,..there are many games that simply do not play well on consoles. Someone brought up flight sims. Good example.

I do not own a console and if that is the only way I could play a computer game, then I simply would not play. I tried using those damn console controllers and that was just terrible. No fun at all.
I don't care how cheap the console is. If the input devices are relegated to the current stuff, then it is a $100 dollar anchor for me.
If I cannot connect a high resolution digital monitor to the thing and not have to use my families television, then it is still an anchor. If I cannot update/patch/enhance my games, then it is still an anchor.
If I cannot chat to people playing online, then it is an anchor.

EDIT: The DirectX SDK is free. There are no license fees to be paid to MS for using it to develope games. Anyone can download the DirectX SDK and use it.
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