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Originally posted by saturnotaku
I propose a moratorium on all console vs. PC discussion until further notice. It's the same damn tired old arguements over and over and over again.

My piece on this matter is this - there are fun games to play on both types of systems. I have an Xbox and PC and can easily divide my time between both.

Those of you who exclusively game on the PC, you're missing out on the fun that consoles can be. Same goes for console only people.
It is weak kneed people such as your self who sit on the fence and and try to give the world one great big sloppy hug. Well not this console fanboy. I think you are just a trouble maker. Either you are with the console fanboys or you are with the "terrorists".


YOU, with your purple hair and your over-sized anime eyes. OHHH look at me! I'm a cartoon with boobs way out of porportion to my body size.

/dances around with a tutu and a carp in his pants.
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