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Just upgraded to 5336 and still having console corruption problem.

Again, I never had this problem on 4496 or earlier.

In response to Andy's suggestion on the main 5336 thread, I do have the latest BIOS according to Leadtek's site -- BIOS2528.exe.

I am hesitant to use a "generic" bios since my card also has TVO and VIVO which I am afraid may not be supported properly in a generic bios. I am thinking right here?

In any case, I like the 5336 driver because I will soon be upgrading to the 2.6 kernel.

Any idea on when nVidia may fix this seemingly very basic and common bug?
Fedora Core6/Linux 2.6.x
nVidea driver: 9631
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Leadtek Ultra A250 GF4 4600 128MB with VIVO/TVO
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