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Originally posted by D.K.Tronics
Actually, it's YOU thats misunderstanding everything.

We are years, and years, and years, away from real-life graphics, and to some extent, physics.
There are far too many variables to factor in, before you even come close to real-life. Even a brick wall, would be impossible to render perfectly. Every brick is different, and the closer you get, the more detail you see.

And by the time they eventually get just close to real-life, there will be something completely different to play games on. So it's all a mute point.
According to experts that know more than you or me, we are only 7-8 years away from that point. That doesn't even matter in itself, as look how far we go with each step now... Doom3, HL2, FarCry, STALKERS, are said to be nearly "real-life" to some people. The next gen of consoles will put that which many believe to be "real-life" to shame. How much more real do we need? Will people care of the difference between the graphics from Final Fantasy: Spirits Within style graphics in real-time compared to something slightly better? Most people won't be able to tell the difference, and the few who can won't care.

As for "something completely different" what will that be in the next 7-8 years? How do you know? 3-d monitors maybe? That doesn't change anything. 3-d stereoscopic glasses? That still doesn't change anything. What is going to take over that we will play differently in that time? Maybe games will go out of style altogether, but I doubt it... There won't be anything big and impressive enough invented in the next 10 years to take over gaming as it is today. You're not going to have holodecks in 10 years.

Originally posted by GlowStick

Windows 95 higher resolution, more color depth
Windows 98 "
winders 2000 " " multiple monitors 2 +
winders XP " " higher resoltuion icons so on so on etc 'interactive background' 'voice recoginiton'
What does WinXP have over Win95 that the average person knows about? Not much. That's what I'm talking about. XP is a full generation newer than Win2000, but I use Win2000 because there is nothing really new that is useful in XP. Games will become the same way sooner or later. A generation of games won't need the latest PC hardware to look great. The next gen won't have enough features to even bother buying it over the last one, ala XP.

Originally posted by D.K.Tronics
When was the last time you saw a $100 console ?
It's called Gamecube.

And the PC has speed,
Err... ok does this have some kind of point?

NO development License costs
If they cared about this then why are there far more console developers and more big companies making console games? Why do developers make more money on console games?

Far easier to develop for, no need to spend 3 years learning how the thing works
You have no idea what your are talking about. Maybe if you're using PS2(because it sucks), but most consoles are far easier than PC development, you have a solid platform, not 1,000 different systems you need to make adjustments for.

Almost No limitations. If you hit a limit on a fixed platform, you're stuck with that limit.
Limits don't matter when you have more power than you'll ever need to make a game anyway that's my point.

No region locks, I can play a PC game from any region, with only language permitting
... You're not seriously saying thats a reason PC will stay forever right? Remember a little thing called the VHS? Killed by the mighty region locked DVD...

And finally, Cost of software. Something the console fanboys quite easily forget.
They cost the same. In fact, recently the PC games I bought out weighed the most recent console games I've bought.

Name ONE single game thats actually playble at that res.
Good thing the US is switching to all digital in 2006, meaning everyone will need a digital TV, and HD will become common. By the next next gen everyone will have it. 1920x1080 on your TV.

Originally posted my Skuzzy
Uhmm,..there are many games that simply do not play well on consoles. Someone brought up flight sims. Good example.
Most consoles already have mice and keyboards today, whos to say they won't be even more common in the future? Whos to say X-box3 won't come with a mouse and keyboard instead of a controller? Haven't you seen the trend of more PC-like consoles?
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