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The next gen of consoles will put that which many believe to be "real-life" to shame. How much more real do we need?


Thats positively THE funniest pile of crap I've EVER heard ANYONE post in a forum. Put real-life to shame, lol. Thats a good one.

It's called Gamecube.
From where I'm sat, it's 80. Thats NOT $100. Perhaps you should stay out of second-hand stores.

You have no idea what your are talking about. Maybe if you're using PS2(because it sucks), but most consoles are far easier than PC development, you have a solid platform, not 1,000 different systems you need to make adjustments for.
Looking around, and judging by your quite laughable excuses for this whole stupid debate, it's YOU that doesn't have a clue.

Good thing the US is switching to all digital in 2006
I don't live in the US.

And on, and on, and on, the quite laughable attempts to prove this will happen.
I haven't seen any of the console fanboys post one single reason that this will ever happen.
Infact, I'll get my entire bank account, I'll run down my local street naked and film the whole event, if this ever happens. Because it won't.
We all had this conversation in the SNES days, The Saturn days, the PSX days, the Dreamcast days, and now today. And it's all the same b0ll0cky crap tired old, heard it all before excuses that the console fanboys rant on.
And I'll bet anything that we will all be here, with PS4/Xbox4, and the PC will still be going nicely in the background, while the real fight continues between MS and Sony.

Let me ask you this.

Why are you here, on this forum ?
This is a PC forum, right ?
Why do I see that some of you argueing for this, actually own high-end Radeons/Geforce cards, and systems ?
Surely, you could of spent your money on console hardware and games ?
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