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The Gamecube is $99 retail in the states
Everthing seems to be cheaper over there. You lucky sods.

Anyway, some light relief.

How many Console owners does it take to change a lightbulb ?

Whats a lightbulb ?

If it doesn't work when I plug it in, then whats the point ?

None, as they can't find a lightbulb thats good enough.

These lightbulbs all look the same.

I bought this bulb from Japan, Do I need an adapter ?

Surely a lightbulb should of died years ago, and now we all use nightvision.

It's too much hassle with all this unpacking, box opening, and bulb fitting. Why can't it plug itself in ?

My bulb is better than your bulb

My bulb is brighter than your bulb

Ahh, but my nu supor fandangle bulb, is TEH roxor so u c it can b beter than yor bulb, witch iz gonna b ded.
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