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Default 5336: Still having screen flashes and blue mplayer-xv output

With 5336 driver, I still have an occasional screen flashing (internal LCD 1680x1050, Dell Inspiron 8600 with PM-1700, 2GB RAM, GeForce FX5650Go with 128MB, Kernel 2.4.21-144, SuSE 9.0). When such a flash occurs during watching mplayer with xv or sdl output, the mplayer content gets blue and stays blue until I restart the X xserver. GL2 and X11 output continue to work normally.

I found these two topics in several discussions here, but never together. I just found out that there is this connection.

Before 5336, I already had 5328 and 4496 running, all the same in this respect.

Any hints are greatly appreciated as it's very annoying having to restart X several times during watching a movie, despite of that this flashing doesn't look very healthy anyway.

XF86Config is available at
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