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Hello there. I have also flickering tv-out when watching a movie with a lot movement.

My Hardware is this.
P4 2,4Ghz
Intel 850 motherboard
Geforce FX5600 (MSI with VIVO)
1024Mb RD-ram.

I have configured my tv-out as a second X monitor, (not using twinview).
I think that it says in the README-file for the nvidia-driver that hardware acceleration is only supported on the first screen (screen 0).

From the readme-flie:
"While there are several disadvantages to this approach as compared to
TwinView (eg: windows cannot be dragged between X screens, hardware
accelerated OpenGL cannot span the two X screens), it does offer several
advantages over TwinView:

o If each display device is a separate X screen, then properties
that may vary between X screens may vary between displays (eg:
depth, root window size, etc).

o Hardware that can only be used on one display at a time (eg:
video overlays, hardware accelerated RGB overlays), and which
consequently cannot be used at all when in TwinView, can be
exposed on the first X screen when each display is a separate
X screen.

o The 1-to-1 association of display devices to X screens is
more historically in line with X."

When watching a movie (mpeg or avi) with mplayer or xine, on my monitor the quality is perfect but when I start mplayer and use DISPLAY=:0.1 to get the movie on the tv-out it flickers.

Is there any possibility to get th TV-out as the first monitor and use VGA as second.

Sorry for my bad english.
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