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Heheh .. I don't speak german ... but XF86Config I do =))

I already saw your Howto ... / ... cyan screen .... nothing more to say ...
but .........

I updated nvtv to CVS version .. and WORKED !!! ;o) no more cyan screens ...

the closed driver from nvidia shows me a cyan screen but with nvtv I got a image .. and a nice one =) .. even if CVS version say unknow Philips 2:88 and pre-1 version say Philips SAA 7108 but didn't work ...

but .. in my TV out .. there's a line .. crossing my tv from top to botton darker that image .. / .. very annoying ... I will build my kernel with floppy support (I forgot last time) and post an image taken from a Mavica of my TV ;o)

Thanks for help ! .. ;o)
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