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Originally posted by Chalnoth
These so-called experts don't know squat. Current technologies just can't keep advancing at current rates for that long. Anybody who says they can predict what's going to happen that far down the road has no idea what they're talking about. To put it simply, there are many different people working on a myriad of different ways to get around the limitations of current technologies. We just don't know which of these different ways will take hold, if it will last, or how fast computer technology will grow once this new technology takes hold.
Look at where we are now. Look at Doom3 and HL2 compared to a game like UT or Q3, and games that are only 2-3 years old. It's a quantum leap. It's expected that the R500/NV50 generation of GPU's will be able to do FF:SW graphics in real-time. I remember some people at the move theater confusing that movie for a real movie with some weird special effect added... If that is just around the corner, then what is 7 years away? Look at the leap from N64 to Gamecube, or PS to PS2. Now think of graphics that some people can confuse for real-life, and think of a PS to PS2 leap from that.

Intel already has planned processes all the way down to 25 namometer. X-box2 and PS3 are using 65 nanometer. Consoles usually skip one or two generations of CMOS processes, so top tech companies already have planned processes that they know they can achieve for the generation that will be X-box3 and PS4. It's pretty much assured that technology will advance at least until then at a steady rate.

Originally posted by D.K.Tronics
Thats positively THE funniest pile of crap I've EVER heard ANYONE post in a forum. Put real-life to shame, lol. Thats a good one.
Maybe you should learn to read better, or pay more attention then... "that which many believe to be "real-life", is far different than "put real-life to shame."

Let me spell it out for you realllllyyyy easy. Some people, perhaps even the average person, right now, think that Doom3 is almost "real-life" grahpics. Even more people, think that FF:SW is almost, or even truly "real-life" graphics. We will have Doom3 in months, and FF:SW graphics in less than 2 years. The next gen after that will likely be as true to life as anyone cares about. Maybe even sooner than 7 years.

Looking around, and judging by your quite laughable excuses for this whole stupid debate, it's YOU that doesn't have a clue.

Nice arguement. I take it that means you can't dispute what I said?

I don't live in the US.
Good thing the two biggest markets are in the US and Japan then. Japan is already all digital I think... can't remember. Needless to say, if the US, the country with the most consumers and most TV's has HD TV, developers will support it.

Infact, I'll get my entire bank account, I'll run down my local street naked and film the whole event, if this ever happens.
I hope you remember this in 7-8 years.

Why are you here, on this forum ?
This is a PC forum, right ?
Why do I see that some of you argueing for this, actually own high-end Radeons/Geforce cards, and systems ?
Surely, you could of spent your money on console hardware and games ?
As I said before, I am a PC fanboy. I like PC's. If I had my choice I would take a PC anyday. However, that's today. 7 years from now probably not. At least we know your best arguement is "you're a console fanboy!".

Originally posted by vampireuk
Well I said call me when holodecks exist, having a holodeck would rock
They sort of have them now... I think it's SGI that makes custom "Holorooms" that can fill a room with a hologram. It's like $100,000's though. Kinda neat.
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