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Let me spell it out for you realllllyyyy easy. Some people, perhaps even the average person, right now, think that Doom3 is almost "real-life" grahpics
A person that thinks Doom3, HL2, or whatever, is almost real-life, isn't called an "Average" person. The real name I would use, would get me flibbled.

Currently, the best graphics I have ever seen, are in the Final Fantasy Movie. A film that took hundreds of super computers, a couple of years to render. And even then, the end result looked nothing like "Real-Life".

Real-life, isn't going to happen in our lifetime. Perhaps the next generation will see close to real-life. But if you think we are heading to real-life in 8 years, then you are seriously disillusioned.

I hope you remember this in 7-8 years
You add a zero to those figures, and I'll remember it, if I'm still here, or care.

They sort of have them now... I think it's SGI that makes custom "Holorooms" that can fill a room with a hologram. It's like $100,000's though. Kinda neat.
I think you watch way too much startrek.
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