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Originally posted by D.K.Tronics
Currently, the best graphics I have ever seen, are in the Final Fantasy Movie. A film that took hundreds of super computers, a couple of years to render. And even then, the end result looked nothing like "Real-Life".
Actually, they did have a version of it running on a stanard PC. It didn't look quite the same, it was missing a few effects (such as shadows, and the hair wasn't as detailed), but it was still very compairable to the movie, and it was running on a 1.4 ghz computer with a Geforce 3 card in it. And you said it yourself, PCs have Almost No limitations, so what's stopping a company from putting FF:TSW graphics into a game? Though even Half-life 2 has some very convincing scenes, if you show someone the picture of the soldiers on the street escorting prisoners, they'll probably think it was a scene from the holocaust before they think it's a game (though the soldiers with the funky helmets might confuse them a bit

Oh, and I certainly wouldn't say the result looked nothing like real life. There are many scenes in the movie where almost noone would be able to tell it was CG rendered unless you told them. Sure, you could still *tell* it was CG in many areas, but the line from FF:TSW and real-life is thinner than you think (I think a few changes to the lighting would've made almost the entire thing look pretty much identical to live-action).

BTW, my friend said something about the government having this full VR simulation system that has graphics far in advance of Doom 3 and the most realistic physics and materials ever seen. It's only usable with a helmet right now, but if they could transpose it into a room-wide hologram, I think we'd be very, very close to having a "Holodeck". I guess it shouldn't be suprising that even PC graphics will always be outdone by industries that have almost no cost limitations on hardware. After all, when PC gamers were drooling over 640x480 Quake on a Voodoo 1 card, the Sega Model 3 was released with games like Virtua Fighter 3 and Super GT, which still look very good even by todays standards. It was hard going back to my 200 mhz computer and Unreal after spending a few hours at the arcades with The Lost World and VF3.
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