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Hi Timo:

Have you tried to use Midnight Commander? If you can get a text prompt, and you MUST have installed MC, then all you have to do is get connected via a text-based browser, and start mc at the command line, then point it at the FTP site address. I believe it should be net-aware, although I have not tried this myself. If you have a problem with your drivers at this point, why not drop into root, and start up Midnight Commander, navigate into /etc/x11/xf86Config-4 and then edit the file in mc, and restore the "nv" driver configuration and boot up the machine again and try starting x from the command prompt? If it is a bad install of the drivers, the original driver is still available, and you should be able to get X up and running if you do that. At least when I had a similar problem, that's what I ended up doing. Give that a whack and see what develops! Good Luck!

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