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Default Re: Nvidia error

Originally posted by nvnothing
NVidia just made a typo.

Change boolean to GLboolean:

extern GLboolean glAreProgramsResidentNV(GLsizei n, const GLuint *ids, boolean *residences);


extern GLboolean glAreProgramsResidentNV(GLsizei n, const GLuint *ids, GLboolean *residences);
In fact, I've already done this change, but thanks . But I still have a problem with the glu.h which is more tricky. I had to suppress the GLAPI and GLAPIENTRY (like in the mesa glu.h) and now it seems to work.

I just found this too with 5336. Probably it crept through because VC++ defines a boolean type for C, whereas gcc doesn't. But that's just a guess. If so, this could cause problems as GLboolean is unsigned char while VC++ boolean might be an int, so the library would have it as 1 unsigned byte while the program would be expecting 4 bytes, signed.

Anyhow 5336 is 20% slower on my Ti4200 than 4496, so I am only using its headers. Mysterious performance problems make me wish for driver source code, not to mention all the headaches poor VIA chipset folks have.
It would be easier for the linux community if these drivers were released under a free licence. I never really understand why it is not possible to open part of the code which is not patent protected and let the rest in a binary file...
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