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Default It works !!!

sleeperawaken you're the best !
I couldn't try the new driver before because of a movie festival in my land and that I got a new graphic table... anyway !
Thank you for having explained how you did.

Notice that for all this installation and desinstallation, you don't have to reboot ;
for updating driver 4496 to 5336, supposing you have already changed your XConfig file from nv to nvidia, you can do this way :

close your applications running
ctrl+alt+F1 to go to a non Xfree mode (I don't know the correct name)
stop the XFree still running :
//etc/init.d/dm stop
nvidia-installer --uninstall
go to the directory of the new driver
launch XFree : //etc/init.d/dm start

I advise you two things :
- be aware that if it doesn't work you can run XFree with the default driver by putting nv instead of nvidia in the Xconfig file.
- Copy those instruction to a text file so that you'll can read it in the non-Xfree session with e.g. more.
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