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that is upgradable
Yeah...they tried that with the SegaCD/32x, didn't work out too well
and has a native VGA connector at the back so I can plug it into my monitor
Dreamcast had a very nice and inexpensive VGA box, but unfortunatly the ones for current consoles cost too much and aren't widely availible
has an OS flexible enough that I can nude patch all my games
DOA Extreme Beach Vollyball is the best nude patch I've ever seen

The Dreamcast could output in VGA and you could hook it to a PC monitor with a small dongle, it looked sweet, but 90% of games didn't support it.
Huh? Almost all the games I have support the VGA box. Only a few of the oddball ones (mainly PS1 ports) didn't support it. And let me tell you, playing Ikaruga on a monitor tipped on it's side blows away the Gamecube version.

But even now Xbox supports HDTV and almost all games for the system at least support 480p. Might not be high-resolution, but it's certainly a step in the right direction. I'd say about 5% of the games actually support a true high-definition (i.e. 720p or above) display, which interestingly is about equal to the number of HDTV owners in the US. I think the Xbox 2 will (hopefully) make 720p the standard for output, especially in early games for the console that don't push the GPU very much. Just wish more HDTVs supported 720p rather than just 1080i, though. Oh well, most upconvert a 720p signal anyway.

Though why do you say HDTVs are inferior to monitors? It seems that now LCD displays are becoming standard, and I haven't found any besides the very expensive ones that support anything higher than 1280x1024. I think 720p on an HDTV looks great, I honestly think anything higher than 1280x720 gets unneccisary (which is another reason I can't understand why 1080i is so popular when it's interlaced and offers almost no extra detail from 720p). I'd rather see games and developers work at making 1280x720/960 playable with the equivalent of ATI's 4xAA than increasing the resolution anymore. Regular TVs run at 480i, but still can offer some very sharp visuals (when's the last time you downloaded a video that was above 640x480 resolution?).
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