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Dreamcast had a very nice and inexpensive VGA box, but unfortunatly the ones for current consoles cost too much and aren't widely availible
All the ones I've seen are crap.
There is a conversion going on, with ALL VGA boxes. Conversion = lower quality. Also, high quality VGA boxes cost a lot of money, so why bother ?

Huh? Almost all the games I have support the VGA box.
I have 177 DC games, most I copied, after the system died. 10% of them work properly on a VGA box. A few titles have been hacked to support VGA, while the rest produce either a b/w screen, or shut my monitor off.

But even now Xbox supports HDTV and almost all games for the system at least support 480p. Might not be high-resolution, but it's certainly a step in the right direction
Not when 90% of the worlds population own a regular TV.
It won't happen for many years, at least until they turn off analog.

I'd say about 5% of the games actually support a true high-definition (i.e. 720p or above) display
5%, isn't 95 %. It needs to be, if it's going to take off.

Though why do you say HDTVs are inferior to monitors?
Fact is, they are. And no amount of fact twisting will change that.
It's like driving a GTI, or a Subaru Impretza. Lovely car, nice drive, but totally inferior to a Porche, or a Ferrari.
Why drive a GTI, when you can drive a Ferrari ?

Oh, and just to rub it in

Valve Software "is currently targeting this summer for the completion of Half-Life 2," director of marketing Doug Lombardi told CNN/Money this week, and doesn't plan to reveal any new information before E3, where the highly anticipated first-person shooter will once again make an appearance. The planned Xbox version (and any other console ports) will be set back until roughly spring 2005 as a result.
Only planned for console ? And 2005 ?
Another reason to stay with PC.
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