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All the ones I've seen are crap.
There is a conversion going on, with ALL VGA boxes. Conversion = lower quality. Also, high quality VGA boxes cost a lot of money, so why bother ?

I have 177 DC games, most I copied, after the system died. 10% of them work properly on a VGA box. A few titles have been hacked to support VGA, while the rest produce either a b/w screen, or shut my monitor off.
Really? My DC VGA box works perfectly (no graphic anamalies or anything), and it only cost like $15. The only game I can think of that doesn't work with the VGA box is Dino Crisis, almost all of the other ones work fine (though some of the rips don't work while the real version does). I'm usually very suprised when I run into a Dreamcast game that doesn't support it, even games where the VGA box makes it look worse still work with it (Marvel vs. Capcom...).
5%, isn't 95 %. It needs to be, if it's going to take off.
Well, I never said it was popular now, but that's 5% more than it was a few years ago. But even online console gaming hasn't really "taken off" either, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable. I'm still very suprised that so few PC games support voice-chat when every Xbox Live game does.
Only planned for console ? And 2005 ?
Another reason to stay with PC.
I thought most people at this forum didn't care about that game anymore, so what does it matter?
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