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Default Black screen

Hello I downloaded the latest Nvidia drivers ,I installed them edited my Xfree86Config file
and ...nothing after hours and hours of configuring my config file ,I tried and tried again.Nothig so I ran the redhat-config-xfree86 and I thought I was working I saw the screen th change my monitor and video card in X . Problem fixed right?No I get dumped back into run level 3 ,so I inint x and I get a black screen with a white terminal in the uper left hand corner. So I assumed I was still in rul level 3 ,I was not I was able to run xine from the little white corner. Also I cannot even get back into X at all Nvidia driver or no Nvida driver ,PLEASE I WANT TO GET BACK TO X !!!!!!!!!! I've racked my brain dont have a clue ,also I think with the nvidia driver I saw the white corner once too?
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