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Default linux 2.6.2 -- 5336 kernel compile error

I just installed gentoo with kernel 2.6.2-mm1. I downloaded the 5336 drivers and installed them, but the compile stops just before reaching 100% and errors saying that it cant find the kernel sources and that i need to use the --kernel-source-path extension. I use "--kernel-source-path /usr/src/linux" but that does nothing.

I dont know if that is the right usage of the extension, or if I need to do something different. I do know that that is the path to my kernel source.
I dont even know if that extension will solve my problem.

Im kind of at a loss and any info would be great.


The actual error says: "Unable to load the kernel module 'nvidia.ko'. This is most likely because the kernel module was built using the wrong kernel source files for your kernel; on red hat linux systems, for example, be srue you have the kernel-source rpm installed. If you know the correct kernel source are installed, you may specify the kernel source path with the '--kernel-source-path' command option"

Hope this helps.
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