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Originally posted by anzak
I dunno what went wrong with nvidias naming game. The geforce FX 5200 is not a bad card for the price where the 5600 is IMO. The 5600nu performs much like a 5200u without AA or AF. If the card is clocked a little lower than the 5600u it should go over quite well.

Ok I get the name now. the Geforce FX 5500 is much better than the 5300 or 5400 right, just like a Geforce FX 5600 is better than a Radeon 9500 :P
Thank you!

I happen to like my FX5200U very much so. I don't regret buying it one bit. Infact, I am so glad I held out as long as I have. It has been a learning process for me, I have found out how long I can actually hold out on product releases and will eagerly purchase a NV40 regardless of the performance. (It will be great though, I know. ) This card has done two very important things for me, brought me back to Nvidia products and driver quality.

My son wanted UT2K3, so being a good dad I got it for him. (He's a great kid and deserves way more than I can ever give him.) So I made a movie of our play settings. It's always high in NV's Control panel and surprisingly it is high or higher on game settings. Playing at 800x600, though using 4xAA/2xAF!

Enjoy - Da Movie


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