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Default Need help--Starting X takes 5 minutes!

I just did a full install of Slackware 9.1 (switched from RH9) and then installed the 5336 nvidia driver. Everything works, but now when I startx, the screen goes blank and it's about 5 minutes before the desktop appears.
I logged in from another computer on the LAN and ran startx -- -verbose 5 from there so I could see what was happening while the screen blanked. When the "NVIDIA(0):" lines began, everything slowed to snail's pace, and after the "NVIDIA(0)" lines everything went back to normal. I tried some archived drivers all the way back to 4349, but they all had the same problem. I never had this problem when I was using RH, but I don't remember which driver version I had installed.
Video card is a PNY Verto Geforce2 PRO 64MB.
I've attached my XFree86 log (logverbose 5) and I added my XF86Config on to the end with cat >>. (Is there a way to attach 2 files?)
I'm grateful the driver works, but having to wait 5 minutes everytime I start X is super annoying. I would love to hear if anybody has any experience with this problem or any suggestions on how to fix it.

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