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Thanks for that reply, however...
while i8x0 may bring basic sound functionality, it does
not bring with it the full capability and additional
utility that nVidia provides when it has the full
spec to work from.
The same is true for most of our reverse engineering
efforts. They work, but many times only after a
fashion and many times, though not always, at less
than optimal performance. This is not a slam
against the valiant efforts put forth by the Linux
community to provide functionality where it is
a defacto given amongst Windoze users.
By all means, most of us would still be sucking our
thumbs if it hadn't been for such entrepreneurial
self-reliance exibited by dauntless hackers.
There already, apparently, is usb-ohci support which
detects the nVidia MCP chip in kernel 2.6.1.
Don't get me wrong, I like what I'm getting in Linux.
Being the hungry, greedy, bottomless pit that I am however,
I always want more. That kind of 'more' can only be
supplied by the guys who hold the specs in guarded
rooms. I leave the 'tainted' kernel wars to those
martyrs who wish to give their life's blood defending
the virtue of them. They are better (and more capable,
not to mention more patient) men than I. Alas.
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