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Default Re: GLU

Perhaps you could quote the problem lines from your GLU file.
Here it is

typedef void (GLAPIENTRY *_GLUfuncptr)();

As I said in my previous post, the errors arise from the GLAPI and GLAPIENTRY.

glu.h is not included in the NV driver, so mine is from SGI: "This software was created using the OpenGL(R) version 1.2.1 Sample Implementation published by SGI", according to the comments.
You're right. I don't have the previous gl.h anymore. Do you know if the GLAPI and GLAPIENTRY were defined there?

Big thanks for your help

Now that ATI has equalled or surpassed NVidia in many ways, I don't see how opening their drivers could cause them to lose their performance edge, as it's already gone.

The other day I was checking out Mesa and they have all the extensions, vertex programs, you name it. We just need an FPGA Mesa board.
I agree but I thought the reason why they didn't want to open the code was because of the patent problems.
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