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well.. i think that the marketing guys at Idsoftware ,its the only thing of base here.because FAnsites like its one of the most visited and viewed by doom3 fans (if not the #1),and one of the few decent sites of the few D3 sites that exist. the problem is not the lack of info ,(in my opinion too much info ,can make people lose interest in the game ,since there will be nothing new to see)but the way that site have been treated. to the point that they do a public protest closing his great site for a week or two.and i have never see something like that happenning with any game fanbase ever . and its an irony that the people affected is exactly the ones idsoftware/Activision target when they [spend hundreds of thousands in Doom3 marketing.] if QUakeCon is cancelled this year ,i will not miss it ,since there is no way for me to ever be there ,and the same is with 99.998% of idsoftware fan base since is insignificant the ammount of people that can get a chance to be there againts the more than one million of fans that probably exist outhere. but internet Websites its a diferent story since anyone around the planet can be there ,at any time ,at no single cost. So believe it or not ,internet Fansites affects greatly the sales of any company ,(same with hardware sites like Nvnews or rage3d) many times far more than the group of fans that magazines touch and quakecon together.(if anyone of those have a big impact ,its only because of->internet the one that makes the diference). just imagine what will happen if Ati piss RAge3d webmasters and they close their site.just before the release of a new card? So placing too much obstacles to their internet fanbase about the [already] released material in internet ,only will make fans too lose some level of interest in that game ,and start to consider to look at others. I just hope that ACtivision/idsoftware change their focus more towards the internet ,specially fansites,before its too late .because i have seen too many kick ass games being completly ignored by gamers ,not because of the quality of the game ,but because a poor coverage and internet marketing. its not that Doom3 sucess will depends on the internet marketing ,because the game will speak by itself ,but you can be sure ,that without a solid internet fanbase,the game will be ignored very easily in a couple of weeks once you finish the singleplayer. since there will be not many places like Doom3*maps*.de ... to be informed about new material or mods ,if there is a lack of support.

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