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Default Re: Why does XFree still see "nv" instead of "nvidia"

Originally posted by BarkingBonefish
Built the drivers. According to the installer log, it was a success. The drivers are sitting in /dev, nice and new. After messing around with manual edits of the XFree86config file for roughly ten hours, getting response after response that it could not load nvidia drivers, I finally just took a peek at the XFree display configuration utility. All I can see for nvidia cards is "nv". There is no "nvidia" driver set that it can see. Is this normal for a machine that has not had a successful boot with these new drivers, or is something else wrong?

Thanks in advance for any comments you come up with.


PS: see my other post for the installer log.

Thanks again.
Try 'lsmod' from root console, is nvidia listed? And what do you get when you try 'modprobe nvidia' from root console?
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