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Originally posted by Crawdaddy79
Hello once again, sirs and ma'ams!

I have another favor to ask of you...

Does anti aliasing work with nVidia cards in this game?

I'd love to know this, because if so, I think it would be a pivotal argument in getting ATi in gear to allowing that for this game... "It works on nVidia cards, but not ATi cards" sort of thing. This sometimes works for getting them to fix other bugs.
Yes antialiasing works, but the results are, as usual, mixed. You'll see noticable aliasing at angles that are near horizontal or vertical. It's very noticable with jungle foliage.

Are you saying antialising doesn't work in Chrome on ATI cards? I'm pretty sure it worked for me when I still had my Radeon 9800 Pro (Cat 3.7-3.8 drivers) although I found the performance hit too high. Chrome seems to run slightly smoother on my 5950 Ultra (1280x960, 2x AA, 4x AF).

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