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Your bes bet would be to download the tar files at nvidia's archives and compile the drivers by yourself. Get the release notes for that particular version, READ THEM, and be sure to have the following installed:

1. kernel-source
2. gcc
3. make

you can check out those with the following command (for example):

rpm -qa | grep gcc

If you don't have ANY of them, get them from the installation CD's (example):

rpm -ivh kernel-source[blahblahblah].rpm

If everything is on place, start a console only session (if you're running X):

Login as root.
Type: init 3 <----------This will shutdown X
Go to your nvidia driver's folder.

tar xvzf NVIDIA_kernel[blahblahblah].tar.gz
tar xvzf NVIDIA_GLX[blahblahblah].tar.gz

cd NVIDIA_kernel
make install
make install

Config your XF86Config file if you haven't done so.

init 5

Good luck!
Use the source, Tux.
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