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Default Re: "Future Confusion"

Originally posted by digitalwanderer
I hope someone at least has noticed that I haven't been pimping Elite Bastards as much around here, but Hanners has just posted a story on FutureMark and the confusion surrounding approved/un-approved drivers and I think it's worth posting up and sharing....please don't kill me.

You can check it out over here at EB.
who is futuremark, that they tell people which drivers are approved or not?
Are they a non profit organization? No they aren't.
Does this company consist of several people from several IHVs so that i can consider them as fair and independant - like the OpenGL ARB?

They develop benchmarks to earn money. Enough information for me so that i don't trust them. I simply don't care what this small lousy company has to say or has not to say. I don't consider their products as valid and neutral benchmarks and that's why give a damn ... about their approved or non approved list. As long as they are a company seeking profits there is no guarantee for me that they are not deep in someones wallets for instance ATI or Nvidia.
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