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The system appears to be installed and configured correctly to work, but perhaps its not happy running on agpGART. Try this option:
Driver "nvidia"
Option "NvAGP" "1"

Your motherboard chipset seems very similar to mine, and mine is much more stable on NvAGP rather than agpGART. But of course, that's kinda the 'default' suggestion for crashes. If that fails, I suggest trying the RPMs available in my sig, then perhaps install from the nvidia installer itself (I use the official installer rather than rpms for this).

*edit* just noticed you did get it compiled with 3.2.x, so below isn't any help *

I saw that you did use the installer, but perhaps you didn't know that it is important to specify which compiler to use before running it (since your kernel is not compiled with the newest version available on the Fedora install).
make sure you've installed the gcc32 package, then run this before the install
export CC=gcc32
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