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Well, at least it certainly seems within the realm of playable. Also it's nice to see that the framerate is pretty consistent (only going between 15 and 24 FPS or so), though I'm wondering if that means there's a lot of extra optimisation to be done, since even on the 2d course selection screen it's only getting 24 FPS. The graphics are still buggy, but it's nice to see that it works with a variety of games. I wonder it even using 3d acceleration? That could certainly atribute to the low framerate. I'm not sure of the technical specs of the M3, but I do remember that it had this wierd way of drawing quad-point polygons that's apperently almost impossible to replicate with a 3d card (they had to rebuild VF3 for the Dreamcast because they couldn't get it to render quad-polygons). Depends on their implimentation of it though. Wouldn't it be impressive if he was running it on a 1 ghz computer with a TNT2 though
Well, probably not, but I can hope that my 1.4 ghz will run it

Edit: Haha, and what do you know, he's only on a 56k. Fear the power of the 56ker
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