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I simply think we need hardware acceleration for light reflections. It would make things a LOT easier, and if a 5 year old soundcard can trace SOUND reflections, why can't a modern day videocard be made to trace LIGHT reflections? Though of course, it's much harder to trace light reflections, but you get the idea. Fitting that the "holy grail" of both realistic sound and graphics is the reflections they make off of objects. I think faking radiosity would be easy if someone would actually try. For example, you could have a negative light radius around an object, so the closer it gets to something the darker the surface gets. Obviously, it's far from a perfect solution, but I think it would go a long way into faking radiosity, and therefor "realistic" graphics, especially if it's combined with projection soft shadows.

I'm hoping that at least one graphics company makes the push for good lighting, and others will follow suit. Right now most of the lighting and shadow calculations in games is still handled by the CPU. If we could use actual hardware to replicate it, graphics can make a big jump practically overnight. We honestly haven't made any major graphic jumps since the Geforce 3 was released 3 years ago, and even with that it's rarely used well. Maybe DX10 will offer an prototype system for radiosity...

Oh, it seems we've gotten a bit off-topic, but since the topic creator was banned I say we can turn the thread into whatever we want
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