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Originally posted by StealthHawk
enough talk about specs, let's hear performance numbers!

it should be interesting to see, at least.
If it IS 275mhz, 4 pipes and 128 bit bus ( and this is a big if because if it isn't the case, i refuse to assume the following statement ) , it'll be a competitor to the Ti4600 in performance, probably won't be much faster, but will have DX9 support.

Really, IMO, the R300 performance is nothing revolutionary. You put 8 pipes on the GF4 Ti4600 and put a 256 bit memory bus while OCing the whole thing to 325Mhz and... tadam! Nearly as fast as the R300. I said nearly because after all, it's one generation after the GF4. It would be surprising if the transistor-to-performance ratio isn't better.

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