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Default Re: Re: any info on a 64bit ut2004 demo ?

Originally posted by Morrow
Don't hold your breath. WinXP 64-bit nonbeta will not be released before Fall 2004. So don't expect a 64-bit version of UT2004 before that same period.
You sure about this?! I thought Microsoft is officially shooting for April to release WinXP to the public. Personally, I don't think they will make it but I don't anticipate the release comming in the fall unless a lack of drivers makes them hesitant to release it.

As far as the question posed by the thread originator goes: the 64-bit version of UT2003/UT2004 is done. Epic has stated as such. Once Win64 is released, the 64-bit version of UT2003 will be available for download (it's just the executable minus the graphics files which shouldnt' be to large, exe's aren't huge, the graphics stuff is what fills up the CDs) to present owners of UT2003 who just bought AMD64 systems and Windows64. As far as UT2004 goes, there was supposed to be support for 64-bit out of the box. However, Windows 64 release has been pushed out (originally, it was scheduled to be released in January or Febuarary, well before UT2004). However, since the release date has been pushed back it's probably up in the air what they'll do. Probably allow owners of the game to download the 64-bit exe as well and maybe slip it into production CDs at a future date/time. Who knows for sure. For more defenitive info, go to and look in the news items and forum. Heck, it may not hurt to post in the forum and ask for links as proof as Tim Sweeney and other Epic folk have been interviewed as saying the above. I don't have the links to such interviews though. I post as cmsmith in their forum by the way.

I know you asked about UT2004, but there are other games being released in 64-bit flavors. Valve is releasing 64-bit versions of various games/servers in 64-bit, both current games as well as upcomming titles such as Half-Life 2. I think UbiSoft has stated their intention to release Far Cry in 64-bit. They made a big deal saying how much better the graphics are in 64-bit mode (thanks to the extra registers and such, no doubt...). America's Army (based on UT2003 engine) will be 64-bit as well. There are just some examples as I think there are several other games with plans to go to 64-bit. There really is quite a nice performance boost going to 64-bit mode in AMD64 as those 8 extra registers are sweet.
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