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Thanx, but I already did that. The problem here is that the Geforce 4 ti is not known in the video cards list from mandrake 8.2 and in a first stage it instals a VGA Generic driver. Afterwards, I don't know what to do to get Geforce 4 Ti activated (or what ever you call this operation). Even after having installed the rpm's from nvidia.

I already installed the drivers for a Geforce 2 on a computer with a Geforce 2. I managed easily to do this because the Geforce 2 is known by Mandrake 8.2.

On the other hand, I installed Mandrake 9 but I'm not satisfied by it because of several bugs when using it. And also, I couldn't manage to instal the drivers for the Geforce 4 Ti. Maybe that video card is just not what I thought it was to be but still, it works fine under Microsoft Windows and that's not what I intend to use in a near future. So, the day I'll manage to instal my new video card, both 2D display and 3D acceleration functionning, I'll never use M$ Windows again.
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