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>Were you able to run X before you installed the drivers?

Yes, I have tried Mandrake and Redhat on several nforce systems at home and at work. They all booted and X would load - usaually KDE. The onboard geforce 4 mx was recognized but no 3D hardware support came with the default drivers. Sound and nic would be out. Usually at work i have used micro atx boads with the built on video - several different brands-Soltek and other lower priced boards.

The only way I have gotten the drivers to work was on Mandrake 9.1 with the 9.1 rpm file or in 9.2 with the source rpm and the kernel source installed.

Once the nforce drivers installed then nic and sound would function. With that working the latest Nvidia drivers have been installing fine for me. Quake 3 army ops and more run great.
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