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Originally posted by SavagePaladin
Well I doubt they're shooting for April cause they're waiting for XP SP2 code to be finished and incorporated.
My guess is that won't show up in April, though I've been wrong before.
Well, you are correct and this was another reason why I didn't think they would make the April release date. I'm a developer by trade myself. I don't have specific knowledge about this stuff as I don't need to know in my current job, but SP2 was supposed to come out during the April/May timeframe for WinXP. My understanding was WinXP 64-bit for AMD was originally supposed to come out the beginning of this year. However, it was MS's desire to sync up the releases such that WinXP would have SP2 built into the OS so the user wouldn't have to update a bit down the road in the near future. So, they delayed the release (supposedly till April as I recall) of WinXP for AMD64 so they could implement SP2 code into the release. Between this and a general concern of driver availability, I'm questioning whether they'll make an April relase or not. However, I never in my wildest dreams thought it wouldn't come out till Fall.
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