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Originally posted by alive
I have a similar Inspiron 8600 and with the 4363 drivers I have none of the problems you describe. I have written a little howto on how I installed Linux on my machine. You can find it here:
I can confirm this as of now I'm using the 1.0-5336 drivers and I get that flickering everyone is talking about, but when I used the 4363-drivers it all worked fine.

To reproduce this problem is fairly easy on the i8600 w fx5650:
1. Install debian woody
2. dist-upgrade to unstable
3. compile the 2.6.2-kernel with the config from this friendly norwegian fellow (the url in the quote) Don't forget to install module-init-tools or else modules wouldn't work.
4. install X...
5. download nvidia 1.0-5336 drivers, install it, and use the XF86Config-4 from the sweet norwegian guy

There you go. A flickering system. Tell Nvidia
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